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No picture for now…

I tried unsuccessfully to try to get my picture hosted somewhere, but it seems the “Hello” service demands that you download software that runs only on Windows… so us poor Linux-only geeks must pay the consequences! Damn you, GAAAAAAAAATESSS!

In lieu of a picture, for the time being you will have to be content with the following crude rendition of myself in ASCII characters. Voilà!

~| |~
~| -.- -.- |~
~| ^ |~

| (—) |
| |

Aside from the uncanny ressemblance to Frankenstein after a night out on the town of boozing and whoring, I have to say in all honesty, as far as ASCII graphics go… it’s pretty atrocious… I’m sorry, guys!! Now, can someone please host my picture!? 😉


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