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George Lucas: Brilliant director, or egocentric, over-rated overlord of Evil?

I think it’s “egocentric, over-rated overlord of Evil.”

Discuss. ūüėÄ

September 22, 2004 - Posted by | Thinker


  1. My fiance agrees.

    BTW, I like your humor.

    Comment by Poor_Statue | September 23, 2004 | Reply

  2. Then your fianc√© is a man of good taste in posts and good taste in women! ūüėČ (Congrats on the engagement, by the way!)

    Thanks for the post, and feel free to come back and partake of some more of my rants. ūüėÄ

    Comment by Rafa | September 23, 2004 | Reply

  3. Willow, Howard the Duck, The Phantom Menace just to name a few. At first I thought Lucas was on par with Speilberg, Zemeikis, Cameron and other visioneries. Now I think he is a delporable fim maker. You cannot however deny what he a brought to filmaking in terms of techincal advacements. ILM, Skywalker sound and PIXAR ( formely a division of ILM before being sold to disney) Altough he has become a horrible filmaker, hes compaines have added other directors to see their vision through. I cant believe how good American Graffiti and Star Wars are considering he directed them. My vote OVERRATED.

    Comment by Johnnie Whicker | September 1, 2013 | Reply

    • Yeah, it’s very telling that for most Star Wars fans, “The Empire Strikes Back” is the best of the series — an installment that Lucas neither wrote nor directed. He’s certainly a visionary in terms of the use of technology, and has a great imagination — it’s the part about realizing his vision, however, that’s perhaps best left to other film makers. Thanks for commenting! ūüôā

      Comment by Rafa | September 1, 2013 | Reply

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