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Did you know God has a sense of humor?

We oftentimes hear how some jokes are “offensive to God” or how they are “heresy”: even really, really funny ones! We also find that fanatically religious people (from all religions, actually) are without a sense of humor, and it seems everything is potentially offensive to them and their faith.

Why is this? Is it that they don’t know that God has a great sense of humor? I have two points that will prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt:

Exhibit A: He created the platypus

Come ON! The only reason the platypus was created was because God knew humans would start getting all uppity and try to classify everything and pretend they knew how everything should be ordered, and God said: “Oh, really…? Classify this, mo’ fo’s!” And thus He gave us the platypus.

Exhibit B: He put our balls on the outside

I myself think this is proof enough. He could have made sperm more resistant to heat; He could have made the body cooler in a special region specially for the sperm-producing organs, but nooooo… He decided it would be more fun (for Him, not for us) to give us those danglers, and to make it even more fun, why not make them really, really sensitive to pain? And, wait, why not also make it physically impossible for little kids to swing anything in a man’s vicinity without hitting him straight in the balls? It’s just so… deliciously perfect!

So, next time you say a really funny albeit potentially offensive religious joke, rest assured that God is laughing along with you (especially since He knows the next time you’re gonna get a good whack in the ‘nards).

PS. If thou knoweth really funny and really wrong religious jokes, be not shy, my son, and share thy bounty! 😉


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