Rafa\’s Corner of Nonsense, Part Deux

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Won’t it be embarrassing…?

When sentient beings from another galaxy finally descend upon humanity and conquer our planet, won’t it be embarrassing that, thanks to our movies and books, we’ve given them all the information necessary for them to beat us?

We’ve essentially taught them the following lessons (aliens, listen up):

  1. Make your computers use a proprietary operating system (if it’s too similar to Microsoft or MacOS, we’ll just send you a virus)
  2. Tell us you want to show us your planet, get us on your ships, and then you can cook us into tasty entrées
  3. Don’t have a mother ship that controls all the attack ships: we’ll just take the bitch out
  4. Pretend you come in peace, and we’ll all get together to greet you (where you can easily shoot us all)
  5. Don’t drink the water

Any other lessons our gray/green-skinned eventual enemies should learn so they can vanquish humanity in the future? ūüėÄ


September 3, 2006 Posted by | Just For Fun | 7 Comments