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I just voted!

I just came back from voting. The supermarket where I thought they had early voting polling stations did not have any (actually, one of their employees told me she herself had heard radio commercials saying there would be voting stations there, too, but their manager had told them that wasn’t so: democracy and bureaucracy working together again)! So, I ended up voting at Home Depot. Not exactly poetic, but hey, whatever.

So, the process itself was ridiculously simple, so simple in fact that even a Florida voter would not have been able to fuck it up. Everything took place on a computer screen (which looked touch-screen but wasn’t, and it was fortunate that someone explained the process to me before beginning because otherwise I would have quickly started feeling quite disenfranchised had I thought they had given me a booth with a faulty touch-screen!); there was a scroll wheel that you rolled around to change the current selection (kind of like an iPod, but more democratic), and a button you pushed to go to the next screen.

You could vote straight down party lines or choose exactly the candidates you wanted, even for some positions that I didn’t even know existed and suspect are made-up, like County Commissioner, Constable, County Tax Assessor, and Bejeweled High Priestess of the Gjórì Nôoku Order (although I might be wrong about that last one). At the end of the process it reviewed whom you chose for each position (even the ones I suspect are fake), and you hit a button that said “Submit Ballot” (Note for Florida voters: that button would submit your ballot), and voilà! (Note for Florida votes: “voilà” means roughly “that’s it”).

All in all, it was definitely worth the 5 minutes it took to vote. 🙂


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I’m about to vote!

I am about to leave to go vote, to exercise that inalienable right we all have that is utterly important for our country; well, no, not necessarily, at least not where I live.

See, in Texas, thanks to the ever-so-clever electoral college system, voting is a waste of time and money. One party always has a majority of the vote; so, if you vote for the majority party, your unnecessary vote will not help your candidate win another swing state where he actually needs your vote, and if you vote for the minority party, your insufficient vote will not be enough to win your candidate your state’s electoral votes.

Still, it’s not like I would be curing cancer if I stay at home; plus, I am going to vote at a supermarket and I needed some milk anyway, so what the hey!

I have decided to go alone because of the people I would have gone with are rabidly political, whereas I am more neutral and am doing it mostly because I had never voted here before and wanted to see what the process was like (would I have to deal with pregnant chads, pulling levers, using a touch-screen, make my mark with goat’s blood, or what have you).

One of the reasons I wanted to go alone was I really hate when people ask you: “Who did you vote for?”. For starters, it’s “Whom did you vote for?”, but I guess that’s neither here nor there (which makes me wonder where the fuck it is, after all). Anyhoo, I feel it’s like being in a store’s dressing room and asking the guy in the stall next to you what his waist size is: true, it’s not like it’s a state secret whose violation will cost thousands of lives, but still, really, it’s none of your fucking business. Finally, what’s the point of having a secret ballot voting system if you’re gonna be telling everyone whom you voted for, right?

I may decide to rant some more about politics after I’m done voting. Wish me luck! 😉

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God help me, I am addicted to the “Cleopatra 2525” theme song… HELP ME, JEEBUS!

I am so ashamed to admit it, but after completely mocking the theme song for “Cleopatra 2525” a few posts ago, I have since… become addicted to it! I know, I know: “For shame, Rafa… For shame! It’s just so bad… it’s good!

I am now wishing some channel, any channel, even UPN or WB, would start rerunning the show just so I can watch it in its full splendor… even if it’s playing at like 4 AM on Sundays: it’s cool, my TiVo will pick it up.

I now have to look for some sort of support group, like “Cleopatra 2525 Theme Songoholics Anonymous” (C2TSA, for short)… I need help!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME, PLEASE!!! 😉

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Finally, a less Picassoan picture of Rafa!

Well, at Andy’s suggestion I hosted some of my images in Photobucket.com and put one of them on my profile, for your viewing pleasure (or not!). 😉 Thanks, for the suggestion, mahfriend!

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Alliteration is so much fun that it should be illegal, or at the very least, frowned upon

Awesome alliteration always astounds me… In case you haven’t yet been introduced to this wacky, wonderful way of writing, it refers to using words that begin with the same letter in order to have an extremely energetic effect… it’s the coolest way of word wrangling. Good God, what a geek I am. 🙂

Now, if you want the more “official” definition of alliteration from Britannica.com, here it is: “in prosody, the repetition of consonant sounds at the beginning of words or stressed syllables. Sometimes the repetition of initial vowel sounds (head rhyme) is also referred to as alliteration. […]”

For example, you may have heard of the “3 R’s of learning: reading ‘riting and ‘rithmetic.” This is a classic case of alliteration gone terribly terribly wrong (besides, it’s always bothered me that when talking about education, they misspell and horribly butcher two of the three words! But maybe that’s just me). The person who thought that phrase up should be made to listen to William Shatner sing Green Day songs for all eternity.

Now, faithful followers of my follies: try to conjure up crazy cases of awesome alliteration for my extreme enjoyment, and please post them promptly. 🙂

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No picture for now…

I tried unsuccessfully to try to get my picture hosted somewhere, but it seems the “Hello” service demands that you download software that runs only on Windows… so us poor Linux-only geeks must pay the consequences! Damn you, GAAAAAAAAATESSS!

In lieu of a picture, for the time being you will have to be content with the following crude rendition of myself in ASCII characters. Voilà!

~| |~
~| -.- -.- |~
~| ^ |~

| (—) |
| |

Aside from the uncanny ressemblance to Frankenstein after a night out on the town of boozing and whoring, I have to say in all honesty, as far as ASCII graphics go… it’s pretty atrocious… I’m sorry, guys!! Now, can someone please host my picture!? 😉

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Nonsensical Rambling #1

I never thought I’d be here… Well, not “here” in front of my computer, of course: I mean “here, writing a blog”. 🙂 I was never one for keeping diaries, and the thought of leaving your innermost feelings written down somewhere for lawyers to recuperate and use against you in a court of law seems kinda creepy…

But here I am, nonetheless! 🙂

Expect moments of nonsense, moments of ramblings, moments of “oh sh1t, Rafa’s on his soapbox, everybody down!”, moments of introspection, moments of wisdom, and, of yeah, moments of absolute nonsense. 🙂 Enjoy!

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