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God help me, I am addicted to the “Cleopatra 2525” theme song… HELP ME, JEEBUS!

I am so ashamed to admit it, but after completely mocking the theme song for “Cleopatra 2525” a few posts ago, I have since… become addicted to it! I know, I know: “For shame, Rafa… For shame! It’s just so bad… it’s good!

I am now wishing some channel, any channel, even UPN or WB, would start rerunning the show just so I can watch it in its full splendor… even if it’s playing at like 4 AM on Sundays: it’s cool, my TiVo will pick it up.

I now have to look for some sort of support group, like “Cleopatra 2525 Theme Songoholics Anonymous” (C2TSA, for short)… I need help!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME, PLEASE!!! ūüėČ


October 13, 2004 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. It worked. My dastardly plan to bring back Cleopatra 2525 is all falling into place. First Rafa, then his blog, then its one reader, then its back on UPN (in the slot after the 5th daily rerun of Startrek Voyager).

    Seriously, that blonde in Cleopatra 2525 was hot.


    Comment by Anonymous | December 1, 2004 | Reply

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